Meet The Owner

Hi Ya'll! My name is Kori Demyan and I am the owner of Grace and Glitter Boutique. I am so happy you are visiting my website.

In 2012, I discovered a boutique in Texas and FELL IN LOVE and in 2016, I drove 20 hours round trip to visit this boutique. I even wrote the owner telling her it was my dream to be a boutique owner someday. In 2020, pre-pandemic, it happened! I was so excited and scared but here I am making my dream come true! It was a struggle at first because of Covid effecting the world, but I have the best and most supportive customers ever and they helped keep my dream alive.

Grace and Glitter is a name my mom came up with because GOD IS GOOD and we ALL need to give one another grace. Glitter is just amazing because of how PRETTY it is! I LOVE SPARKLES!!

My goal is to make ALL women feel beautiful and confident when they step out the door. I try to find the most trendiest styles and offer sizes in small-3XL.

Thanks for shopping and supporting a dream of mine!!